Benefits of Our Tool Set to Your Business

Efficient, Fast, Managed, Monitored, Secure, Proactive, and Visible to You

We have several sophisticated systems in place.

We can:

  1. Manage your needs with far greater efficiency.
  2. Manage the tasks necessary for keeping your business running smoothly.
  3. Provide remote assistance immediately.
  4. Proactively manage, monitor and maintain yours systems effortlessly.
  5. Update systems and patch vulnerabilities promptly.
  6. Provide you with as much information as you need.
  7. Do all of this with little or a no interruption to your working day.
  8. Do all of this far quicker, therefore at less cost to you.

Our Tool Set in Depth

We have numerous tools at our disposal to help you help your business thrive.

Task/Request Management & Ticketing

Our Professional Services Automation (PSA) software integrates with our RMM software (see below). It is a mixture of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and project, request, ticketing, billing, reporting, and asset management software.

Not only does this enable us to manage all your requests without dropping the ball, but it helps us manage any other tasks related to keeping your systems up and running.

Remote Assistance

We currently use a product called TeamViewer. This is a very reliable tool that allows us to gain remote access to any machine anywhere immediately.

Usually this is installed already on any machine we take care of, but is a small file that can be downloaded in seconds if not. We don’t even need to know the machine exists to provide remote assistants.

We can even use this product on mobile devices and tablets.

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)

Our RMM tool is the most sophisticated tool in the industry. This integrates with our PSA software (see above) so we manage and follow up on any tasks or issues related to any machine.

The list is extensive. We have visibility on all aspects on what a machine has in terms of hardware and software, including processes and services that should not be there (malware for example).

We can proactively manage, maintain and report on pretty much anything.

We can also do most of this with no interruption to you. We can update, patch, monitor, install, uninstall, script, remediate, tune-up, clean-up, defrag etc. your machines, whilst you are working, or with a delayed script out of hours.

Patching and Updating

You machines will always be up to date and therefore far less prone to malware and other issues created by operating system or application vulnerabilities.


Microsoft are constantly releasing updates to their operating systems and applications. This has been going on for years. It is hard to maintain on multiple machines and is critical these days- viruses are almost a thing of the past; it is now how to trick you into parting with money.


We have an additional system that patches a list of over 100 other applications that need almost constant patching and updating. No more annoying messages such as these, plus be confident that your staff are not ignoring this and putting your network at risk

Stop annoying notifications



As a minimum will provide the following:

  1. A patching summary for both Microsoft and the other application patching/updating.
  2. An executive summary report – details all machines and best/worst, health scores etc.
  3. A quarterly hardware asset list.


We can provide in-depth reporting on anything to do with the machines we manage.

There is a small charge for this. We can for example provide reports such as these tailored to your needs:

  • A tailored specific software list report detailing machine/user and a table of what is installed on what machine, with totals.
  • Warranty reports for all machines.
  • Performance reports.
  • Old/under-performing/under-spec machine reports.

More info: IT Asset Reporting – Hardware and Software.