IT Asset Reporting – Hardware and Software


We can generate reports in pretty much any layout you prefer.

Here is an example of data we can collate to help with IT Asset Reporting. We can extract the specification, age, software and licencing on your machines to help manage your hardware and software assets.

This data is always up to date due to our continuous automated auditing and management of all assets. We usually send a report once a month, but it can be made available to you immediately on demand.

N.B. there is a lot more information that we can collate. If you have a specific requirement, please contact us.

Hardware asset listing

Details of machine age, name, user, serial number, installation date, processor, RAM, manufacturer, model and operating system.


Software asset listing

Each of the items below can be selected to drill down into assets per machine, user or application. This can be also be filtered to ‘Key Applications’ to illustrate the software you are interested in.


Filtered by your specific list of ‘Key Applications’ such as Adobe and other products that may need special attention due to licencing requirements:


Detailed table of ‘Key Applications’:


Illustration of ‘Key Applications’ on a specific machine:


Details of ‘Key Applications’ installed for a particular user:


Details of all installed versions of Adobe Photoshop: