Fixed Rate vs PAYG – which is right for you?

Fixed Rate Option

If your monthly costs are high/unpredictable, note that we offer a fixed rate system for companies of 10 or more people. This is charged at £59 per site, £79 per server and £45 per person for unlimited remote support.

There are numerous advantages to this system…

Benefits of fixed-rate requests/support:

Creates a more positive relationship

With PAYG every call to us incurs a cost, and the longer something takes, the more it costs. There is too much room for speculation that it is not in our interests chase a rapid resolution. The whole process is the wrong approach for a mutually happy business relationship.

Predictable outgoings

PAYG services invoices fluctuate up and down every month and make it difficult for clients to budget for the future. Some invoices are vastly out of proportion to previous ones because a particular problem has resulted in an awful lot of hours being thrown at it. Usually this is a double-whammy to your business because there may have been lost productivity whilst the problem persisted.

More care

PAYG services mean issues need a fix as quickly as possible to keep costs down. This puts pressure on things our end. Important decisions that can have implications for the future are better made without this pressure.


We can create scripts to do almost anything from application installation and removal to remedial tasks and housekeeping. This all occurs in the background with little or no interruption to your working day. We are continuously updating proactive methods of maintaining PCs and servers.

Health checks

We will soon be implementing daily or weekly systems health checks. The aim of this is to pin-point underperforming machines, ones that need remedial action or are causing the end user productivity issues.


PAYG clients find our billing system confusing and complex. We desperately need to simplify our back-end systems so that both sides are happy with the arrangement.

Unlimited remote support

Unlimited remote support on a fixed monthly per site/server/workstation basis. As many calls or remote sessions as you like for one predictable monthly payment. Visits are relied on less a less frequently as there is not much that can’t be done remotely, but there are discount levels for regular visits or hours booked in advance.