Safe and Secure

Scams, malware, threats and viruses

Partnership with Ingenious means your systems are well protected and we are actively monitoring them.

Things are now very different in this field. It is now singularly the most potentially damaging aspects of computing. It is no longer possible to work with just one product. A multi-pronged approach to systems’ security is now paramount.

The investigation, implementation and management of various protection methods is no longer a matter of choice – it is an absolute necessity. Better security results in significant less time (and money) lost dealing with compromised systems.

5 Key Elements

These are the bare minimum that you should have in place.

Team up with Ingenious and we will get this in place as a matter of course.


Updates and patching of 100s of products, not just Microsoft’s. Almost every application needs flaws fixed on a regular basis.

Inbound E-mail Protection

Critical and often forgotten. All inbound e-mail should be dropped if it is spam, or contains malware links, and scanned and cleaned or rejected if it contains a virus or malware.

Endpoint Protection

Your PCs, Macs, Linux, servers, tablets and mobile devices are all centrally managed, updated and monitored.

Network Perimeter Protection

Where possible you have at least inbound firewalling, and where the chosen hardware models allow, other features such as inbound/outbound Application Control, IPS, Advanced Antimalware, Web Filtering, VPN and WAN Optimization.

Outbound Internet Access Protection

Another now CRITICAL factor that very few people use. The main tactics are now designed to trick you into following a link to an external resource and unwittingly download something.

The recent Cryptolocker and Cryptorbit scams were very clever and made someone an awful lot of money.

We have a web content and filtering and security system that stops this dead in its tracks.