Internet, Hosting & Web development

Internet Access

Broadband / DSL / FTTC

We deal with several ISPs and buy services at wholesale rates passing the savings on to you.

We can advise on the best Internet connectivity options for your location and budget.

Services range from basic broadband/DSL services, the new fibre to the cabinet services (FTTC) that are (slowly) being rolled out across the country, to bonded DSL and FTTC services.

EFM / Fibre / Leased Lines / Ethernet

We can also offer services such as ethernet first mile (EFM), fibre to the premises (FTTP), leased lines of anything from 2 Mbps to 1 Gbps. These sort of services usually come with far superior service level agreements (SLAs) that commit to fix times and offer compensation for failures. They are also usually provided with managed routers, with DSL or FTTC failover on the same range of static IP addresses.

Hosting Services

Virtual Servers

We are a cloud provider and can instantly ‘spin up’ massive computing power in terms of virtual servers in the cloud. These are provided by geographically diverse and highly resilient resources in multiple locations.

These can be rented monthly for short project requirements or for as long as you like.

Physical Servers

We can also provide dedicated physical servers or even space to put your own into.

Web Development

Like the look of our website? We can do something like this for you, or if you are after something more involved or complex, we have several resources we can put you in touch with or manage on your behalf.