Cloud/On-line Backup

Cloud/On-line Backup

We found that most providers charge a lot for on-line backup services, so we set up our own system and under-cut them.

We can “seed load” vast amounts of data and then continue with backups for any amount of data.

File Sync vs. Backup

Dropbox, Microsoft’s SkyDrive, Apple’s iCloud, and Google Drive are all excellent file synchronising tools, but what if you want to back up corporate data?

Synchronising data between machines works well where there are not a lot of people involved, but soon become difficult in larger environments. In effect, there are multiple copies of the files on multiple machines and in the ‘cloud’ it is easy to imagine how messy this can become when data is changed by more than one person at the same time.

It is also impossible to work with data in databases, accounts packages such as Sage, or even shared spreadsheets using any of the above products.


This may seem relatively straight forward. There are numerous on-line backup companies out there that offer similar services, some of them for very little money indeed.

The most crucial factor here is – where is your data and how can you get large amounts of it sent to you quickly? If it is in a data centre in the US then it may not be easy to get your hands on it at all.

It is actually very hard to find a provider that will let you send in/send back to you gigabytes or terabytes of data on external storage.

Our Service – Resilience

Your data is backed up to us, and we backup your backup!


55p-£1 per gigabyte depending on storage needs.