We can plan, install and troubleshoot wireless networks. We have a sophisticated tool-set that enables us to take the guesswork out of wireless network configuration.

The number of wireless networks in use and the associated frequency congestion makes it hard to put wireless solutions in place with confidence. We can help!

The Problem

More and more companies are installing more and more wireless solutions with little regard to the fact that there is simply not enough room in the 2.4 GHz spectrum for more than a handful of wireless access points (WAPs).

If everyone played by the rules with no overlapping networks there is technically only room for 3 devices; one on channel 1, one on channel 6, and one on channel 11.

This is because each device uses the channel it is on and two either side of it. You can quickly work out that a WAP on channel 1 uses channels 1-3, one on channel 6 uses 4-8, and one on channel 11 uses 9-13. There is no more room!

The reason this is not so immediately apparent is that a lot of WAPs in the area may be on weaker signals and therefore not have a huge impact on your local WiFi.

BUT – this very quickly becomes a problem in busy or popular wireless network. Competition for bandwidth causes re-transmissions, and every re-transmission results in more congestion and more delay. It can very quickly snowball into a WiFi network gridlock.

Aha! I hear you say – but what about 5 GHz! Well, yes, ideally this is the best thing to do – switch your WiFi to the 5 GHz frequency. This would be fine so long as all your devices can use this range, but that is not usually the case.

What to do?

Get your hands on spectrum analyser hardware and software. These tools are not cheap. We, of course, can do this for you.

That way you can get a really good idea of what exactly is going on. It is possible to see, in real time, and report on/refer back to, your local WiFi activity on all frequencies. Sources of interference such as microwaves, baby monitors, cordless phones etc etc can massively disrupt WiFi.