Case Studies

3Space Case Study

The Client

3Space is a full service space operator based in Bermondsey, London working across the UK. 3Space believe in getting more out of empty/old or unused buildings. They give them new purpose and making them work for local communities. 3Space has operated 45 different buildings over the last 8 years. 

The Issue/Problem

3Space took on another project in Brixton. They needed a scalable network solution to accommodate up to 700 people working in the 12 storey building. Unfortunately they didn’t know how to deliver both wired and wireless internet connectivity to do many people in such a building. They were in search of advice and guidance on how to provide a strong, stable and high speed internet connection for their clients.

What did we do?

Ingenious designed, implemented and provided on-going support for their network by providing a leased line with a gigabit bearer. This leased line was initially set to provide 100Mbps of connectivity, was increased to 500Mbps in January 2019. It will be further expanded to the full 1Gbps when needed to ensure all users have the bandwidth they need.

Distributing WiFi connectivity across a 12-storey building isn’t easy. To provide an even service throughout, a 10Gbps fibre backbone was used. Switches and access points are carefully positioned throughout the building to provide an powerful, and even, signal throughout.

We now provide ongoing technical support for all 3Space clients within the Brixton site.

3Space rely strongly on the support and guidance of Ingenious, but equally look to save money when possible. That is why it sometimes includes carrying out IT support functions themselves. An example would be laying cables with the support and guidance of Ingenious readily available.

By working with Ingenious on a flexible basis and with support and guidance on offer when necessary, 3Space currently has 300 people working productively in the building, some of which now also use Ingenious for IT support. This is set to increase to between 7–800 people by September 2019.
Sound like a project you have coming up?