About Us

About Ingenious

Ingenious is a trusted and long-established (21 years and counting), outsourced IT services provider serving London and the South East.

Clients of 10-250 staff partner with Ingenious because they need an technology provider to deliver IT ‘peace of mind’ and a one-stop-shop experience.

We are so confident you will love teaming up with us so much that we have a guarantee backing this up. Please see our pricing page at the top for details.

Saving You Time, Stress and Money

Are you looking for less stress and to save time and money? Have you traditionally managed IT in-house or outgrown your current provider or ‘one-man-band’? Are you worried you don’t have a proactive approach to technology or are missing a trick?

If so, join our growing list of loyal and happy clients;

50% have been with us for over 10 years with an average of 9.4 years.

Move to us with no pain or downtime and take advantage of our full service approach powered by our dedicated team of experts. You won’t regret it we promise you!

Concerned you may be jumping out of the frying pan into the fire? Fear not! Contact us now and we can give you a long list of people you can call to ask them personally how much they value our excellent service.

Keeping Your Data Secure, Accessible and Recoverable

That’s ulitmately all you care about isn’t it? That’s what we do and we won’t bore you with the geeky details – unless you would like us to!

Why Us?

What Will We Do For You?

In principle four key things:

  1. IT Support & Management which includes
    • Cyber Security
    • Regular Business and IT Reviews
  2. Project Work

Ingenious is quite different to other IT Service Providers.

We can do traditional IT Support standing on our heads. We have all sorts of tools and clever systems we geek-out on that help us help you. We take away all your hassle and pain – managing all this techie stuff is complication and challenging after all.

Cyber Security is paramount these days as is a proactive approach to managing all your technology needs. We have it all covered.

You don’t just need IT Support; you need a strategic business partner. Our iterative ongoing ‘Business and IT Review’ process gets your business into the best possible shape and never stops.

Finally – when you need to move offices, install the latest VoIP system, migrate to the Cloud or any other overhaul of your systems our Projects team will be there to help.

Track record and experience

We have a proven track record of working successfully with a hugely diverse range of different businesses stretching back to early 2001. It’s all based on an honourable and proven approach to doing business.

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We team up with you and act as an extension to your business. We get to know your team (and your IT network) and they get to know us. We form long-lasting business relationships with our clients.
We understand you may not really care about technology. That may sound like sacrilege from an IT consultancy, but we realise that technology is a means to an end and not an end in itself. We won’t therefore blind you with jargon or bore you with unnecessary technical details. All communication will be in plain English, delivering IT solutions that enable your business to be more efficient, reliable and profitable.
The bottom line
Our collaborative process guarantees that we work alongside you to quickly get to the heart of your issues and recommend the right solution within your budget. Call us on 020 3745 6630 to discuss your IT support needs and let’s see if we can help.

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