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Business and IT Review

We are your strategic business partner. Our iterative ongoing process gets your business into the best possible shape and never stops.

Managed Security

We will save you time, money and stress. We’ll manage your IT and Cyber Security so you can get on with your day.

Expert Advice and Support

We have maintained a satisfaction score of above 98% for our Managed IT Support since our formation in 1998.


Very easy. We manage all the change-over processes behind the scenes.

We invest a significant amount of time documenting your setup and getting our Security and other tools in place. This means we have everything organised and to hand when you need us to react quickly.

Obviously the more information we can get from your or your existing provider, the better. The more we know about your systems, the better we can serve you.

IT security has become a game of cat and mouse with cyber criminals in recent years. We ensure we all stay one step ahead.

Our Managed Security is extremely comprehensive. Elements of it monitor and report any suspicious activities that could compromise your systems, running 24/7.

We are the lock, bolt, chain, and CCTV all in one secure place.

95% of our work is undertaken remotely by our fantastic support team via the helpdesk, open from 9am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday. This is the fastest and most effective way of looking after your needs.

We also encourage regular site visits; they give us a chance to speak in person and visually review your IT infrastructure. Productivity affecting IT issues can go unmentioned until the IT person ‘walks past’.

No. This is covered by all our IT Support & Management plans if they are going to use an existing machine.

Note we do charge a standard flat fee to setup a new workstation from scratch. This is detailed on the Projects tab.

We can put the same pricing system in place but will need to add either discounted block hours in advance, or invoice for extra time over an agreed allowance of hours per month. This allowance is roughly 20 minutes per person. 

Not really but ultimately it is up to you. We cannot offer unlimited support to systems that are at risk of being compromised. We would need to come to a bespoke agreement. But – do you really want to run this risk?

Absolutely. We’re trying to keep things simple here but can always create a bespoke plan to fit your needs.

Yes – note the IT Support & Management charge is per person. We understand you may have one or more PC/Mac/Laptop/Tablet/Phone. This is not a problem.

You may have noticed the Managed Security has a Workstation charge; this is because some of the security elements are priced per PC so we have to pass on these charges this way.  

Yes – we can do this. The difficulty here is that a lot of people use private mobile devices to access corporate data. This introduces complexities but we can secure them. This will need to be a separate charge that we can discuss.

This is work of a day or more on anything new. Any changes, moves additions etc. i.e. not supporting or maintaining anything already in place.

Our Premium and Ultimate IT Support & Management plans include small installs, moves and changes but not anything considered to be Project work.

Project work gets priced up and approved in advance – no nasty surprises.

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