Business & IT Review

You don’t just need IT Support; you need a strategic business
partner. Our iterative ongoing ‘Business and IT Review’ process
gets your business into the best possible shape and never stops.

Review overview

We find out what you are planning and help get you where you are heading. It doesn’t all have to be technology related. We have been in business for over 20 years and will be able to help with wider business-related issues. This can be through our own experience or by putting you in touch with other people and companies we have met along the way.

The idea behind this is to help you build in strategy and planning and a roadmap for the next 3-5 or more years. This helps your business with that one thing ‘planning’ that is so hard to find the time for.

Business & IT Reviews

Business & IT Reviews help us help you empower your business through the correct implementation of IT solutions. The reviews are broken into 5 stages:

1. Company Review

We discuss any major initiatives, current or future, that may be affecting your business. For example, an office move, future expansions, staffing or remote working requirements. Anything going on in your organisation that would be useful for us to know about and help with.

2. Strategy Review

With your help, we will identify and review your business and IT goals, challenges and initiatives, and refine them as needed. We also highlight progress made since the last meeting.

3. IT Review

Here we identify any gaps in your existing infrastructure and, broken into sections, score each one. These are presented in a Score Card and an Exception Report, which are generated from an iterative list of items that we check, and score based on whether they pass three tests; whether they are considered best practices, are a technical vulnerability or a business risk.

4. Recommendations

This is where we offer recommendations based on items identified in the IT Review, as well as other recommendations that align with you goals and challenges discovered in the Strategy Review. Here you decide on whether you want to adopt, deny, or put on hold our recommendations

5. Roadmap

The roadmap gives our recommendations above a more visual timeline and can help with budgeting for the future. This will be a timeline for next two to three years detailing when we plan to tackle things and associated costs.


From proactive troubleshooting and software/hardware updates to network maintenance and user assistance, we possess the experience and tools to provide the responsive support and IT management you need.


In recent years, our focus has shifted progressively towards managed security, to the point we are starting to view ourselves as an IT security company first and foremost, with IT support as a necessary and vital complement.

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