IT Support

IT Support

We don’t just offer IT Support for Croydon, London & the South East, we partner up with your business and become your very own Information and Communications Technology department.

More Than Just IT Support

It is extremely hard to find a business partner with adequate experience, who isn’t just going to sell you their offerings of the latest and greatest technology.

This doesn’t just mean a help desk or IT support, it means the broader picture as well. We are constantly investigating technology with the SME/SMB market in mind. We have a continuously evolving portfolio of impartial services, hardware and software offerings. We are not tied to any one product, manufacturer or supplier.

We provide instant telephone support i.e. we do not have one member of staff log a call, and another call back several hours later. The query is dealt with when we receive the call. For the more difficult cases, we can (with permission) remotely take control of machines.

For any crisis situations where remote support is not an option, we can be on-site at most London locations within 30-45 minutes. We can also provide regular visits if required.

Location, Location, Location

Based at East Croydon, we can be in Central London in 15-20 minutes, the rest of Greater London inside an hour, most locations in the South East within 2 hours and even further afield in a short space of time. We have fast links in all directions via tram, train, and other forms of transport.

Most of the time this is irrelevant as we can carry out most IT Support or other advice/help/requests remotely. A visit is seldom necessary. We have various tools that allow us to work on your machines with you or quietly and unobtrusively in the background, whilst you continue to work.

PC/Computer Support

We can connect to any machine anywhere instantly and provide immediate assistance. We have decades of support experience on-hand to supply your company with first-rate PC and Mac support.

We also have a range of services, tools, and products to provide proactive support. If you were to get us on-board we strive to get your computers into a good state of affairs. We invest a lot of up-front time getting systems up to scratch in order to minimise future pain.

Server Support

We automatically put all servers on a support system that consists of three components: We monitor all servers 24/7. We regularly patch and update all servers out of hours. We log into all servers every month and carry out an extensive list of maintenance and checks.

Network Support

All network components are actively supported. This includes all switching, firewalls, routers, wireless access points, backup devices, attached storage, printers etc.


We have a constantly evolving stack of the machine, user, network etc. security products and solutions. We include a multi-layered combination of products as standard and extras such as mobile security, dark web scanning, multi-factor authentication and so much more.

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