Information Technology Security

Ingenious offers a range of Information Technology (IT) security services tailored to small and medium sized businesses to minimise IT security risks.

IT Security London
Minimise risk
We recognise that some companies have neither the time nor the expertise to dedicate to unravelling IT and security problems – their priority and expertise is in running their business and staying productive. By involving Ingenious’s security team, we will ensure that your IT infrastructure is reliable and offers peace of mind by:
  • keeping critical business information secure
  • protecting data
  • updating and protecting machines automatically
  • providing DR and IT backup services
Ingenious Services Add-ons
We are constantly investigating solutions and adding to our services porfolio. Currently we offer the following add-on services on a monthly fee per user, machine or mailbox as stated. See the add-ons headings further down this page.
  • Endpoint Protection starting at at £1.30 per machine PCM
  • Hosted or on server mail security (anti-spam and anti-virus) at £1/£1.60 per mailbox PCM
  • Web Security starting at at £1.70 per user PCM
  • E-mail encryption at £6.40 per user PCM
Other considerations and services we can help with:
  • Decent firewalling
  • Data loss/corruption
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Automated systems patching (updating)
  • BYOD (bring your own device) implications on general network security – data theft/security/infection etc.
  • End user behaviour and education
  • Premises perimeter protection
  • Wifi access and security
  • Remote access to systems
Add-on details:
Endpoint Protection
This is a more modern term for anti-virus running on the local machine. As the term implies the protection is now on several levels. This usually consists of anti-virus/anti-malware, web protection, local firewalling, and identity protection.
Mail Security
We have a few combinations of offerings depending on how you want to deal with the deluge of e-mail your domain will be subjected to. We can empower you with your own access and control over a hosted AV/AS solution, or run combinations of the most efficient tools on your own mail server to simply reject and/or deal with problematic e-mail.
Web Security
We have signed up with OpenDNS to provide VERY effective web filtering service. This is one of the few things that actually stops modern forms of ransomware such as the Cryptolocker or Cryptorbit dead in their tracks, as it blocks access to the encryption key server. It protects machines both on and off the local network. See here for in-depth details.
E-mail Encryption
Do you realise that sending an un-encrypted e-mail is like sending a transparent envelope in the post? It’s contents can be intercepted and read quite easily. Our offering is very easy to use and doesn’t rely on complex software matching the other end. Anyone can receive an encrypted e-mail from you with minimal fuss.
This subject is pretty complex and there are numerous technologies available. We can provide solutions that are scalable from home or satellite office use through to larger environments of 100s of users. The best thing is to drop us a line and we can talk you through the different solutions and approaches and help minimise your risk/exposure in an affordable fashion.

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