Case Studies

Mark Pinney Associates Case Study

The Client

Mark Pinney Associates (MPA) is a bespoke architectural and design studio with over 25 years’ experience in creating intelligent and beautiful design solutions. Working with both large multinational corporations and private clients, they excel in conceiving, coordinating and delivering complex and challenging projects.

The Issue/Problem

MPA’s previous IT support provider was unsatisfactory for many reasons, including:

  • Impersonal Service
  • Slow response to IT issues
  • Inconsistent maintenance on IT systems
  • Incorrect software licensing

Overall, MPA felt consistently overlooked in favour of larger clients.

What did we do?

MPA needed an overhaul as the number of issues they faced were significant. Weekly on-site visits were scheduled with the same IT engineer, who remained on-site all day. Once initial systems were satisfactorily set up and issues completed, the frequency of on-site visits was reduced.

In the seven years we’ve worked with MPA, there have been several server and mail migrations, software and hardware roll-outs. We continue to provide proactive IT support and ensure the network keeps their team working productively.


Regular and personal support provided by Ingenious means they now treat us as an extension of their company. IT systems are fully up-to-date and continue to be operational.

On occasion where an issue arises, our helpdesk team can quickly resolve them.

Mark Pinney Associates now has the IT infrastructure they need to work productively and are safe in the knowledge that we are working to keep it that way.

Sound like a project you have coming up?