The BIG Data
Elephant in the Room


Thursday, December 8th, 13:00pm GMT

A collaborative working and file storage review for any company with large or complex storage requirements and issues with data governance and compliance

Most companies understand the flexibility the cloud brings particularly with remote workers, suppliers and flexibility it brings. It does however introduce challenges with file sync issues and data security and governance.

With so many cloud data management providers available, it’s easy to lose sight of what best fits your needs and purposes affordably.

In this webinar Jez Nolan, Ingenious Managing Director will guide you through the pros and cons of large storage provider solutions based on his work with many Architects, Designers, Engineers, Property, Finance and Media companies.

He will cover items such as:

  • Secure collaborative working and file sharing options and alternatives
  • Securing your cloud data scattered to the winds
  • Better ways to share information internally and externally
  • The email nightmare; how to manage project information
  • Alternatives to the expensive third party information sharing solutions particular to industries

You’ll take away guidance and valuable advice for reviewing your IT infrastructure, find out what affects your performance, and move ahead of the competition by embracing hybrid working solutions that allow your employees seamless data access.

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Jez Nolan

Jez is an avid solution finder, working with your business to find the most sensible tech and non-tech answers that result in less stress, more time and more profit.