March 6, 2017

Ellie Ellie Partners With Ingenious

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Ellie Ellie, an award-winning British brand offering unique jewellery, gifts and homeware for one-of-a-kind people have chosen to partner with Ingenious Ltd for their entire IT Infrastructure from February 2017 of this year. Ellie Ellie is the brainchild of Founder & Managing Director, Danielle Plowman who has consistently grown and developed the organisation over the last 4 years.

Ellie Ellie initially approached Ingenious back in November 2016 with a request to look at their Infrastructure to ascertain how their existing systems were at that time and how best to approach their future growth requirements. Hesan Yousif, the IT Services Manager who manages the team and his clients from the Brighton based office, liaised closely with their HR/Office Administrator Bethany Monery to provide a very open, transparent and helpful insight into their network and overall set-up.

Hesan: “I was very excited at the possibility of working with this fantastic, young and vibrant organisation and wanted to assist Bethany with as much information about their systems as possible. We then discussed how best to approach some of their concerns as they continue to grow. Following an NDA process, I took the opportunity to examine their systems and provide Bethany with a report on some key areas of Disaster Recovery, Data integrity and Hardware performance”.

Bethany and Ellie Ellie were looking for an IT partner who could be flexible for their requirements regarding any out-of-hours support within their Production teams. Through various discussions, Ingenious were able to offer a solution that worked perfectly for their requirements and facilitated the ability to request this additional service as and when they require it. This is especially important throughout busy periods such as Father’s Day or the lead up to Christmas.

“We now look after Ellie Ellie’s full IT Infrastructure estate. This includes assisting all Staff with the smallest level of support right up to working with them to ensure that their underlying systems are efficient and will scale in parallel with their future growth” says Hesan.

Ellie Ellie’s online products can be found here:

We can be contacted on 01273 652 300

(Comms Intelligence is a trading name of Ingenious Ltd)