October 15, 2020

Why you need a Teams room

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What are they and why would you need one?

We’ve been learning about Teams Rooms and thought you may be interested given the way video conferencing is now the default go-to for collaborating at a distance.

We think this will be really useful for groups of people who need to work together with other groups or individuals remotely. It also allows for the sharing of whiteboard or other on-the-fly creative content.

Please see the following video we have made. Hopefully it will give you a useful overview of what exactly a Teams Room is and how it works.

There is an intro and 5 sections to the video:

  1. What is a Teams Room
  2. Why a Teams Room
  3. Meetings
  4. Presentations
  5. Components/Options/Extras

Please feel free to pick our brains on this. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us here or call us 020 3745 6630.

Please see our Teams Diary for lots of useful information on Microsoft Teams in general and here for a another series of videos on the above kit.

Video Notes/Topics


5 sections to the video:

  1. What is a Teams Room
  2. Why a Teams Room
  3. Meetings
  4. Presentations
  5. Components/Options/Extras

What is a Teams Room?

Video conferencing kit with a screen, dedicated PC, high definition camera, sound bar, and microphone array.

Behaves like a person in its own right – actually a ‘resource’ account in MS 365.

In this case we are using a Yealink MVC400  and some extra components that I will detail later.

Why a Teams Room?

  • Difficulties with multiple people in the same location needing to video conference with other people.
  • Mic feedback – headsets are needed and there are still issues with echo/background noise.
  • Poor sound and video quality.
  • Not possible to take in all people if using one machine in a meeting room or boardroom.
  • Group meetings or presentations are not easy when using a single PC, Mac, mobile or tablet.
  • Not just for meetings – presentations as well.
  • New way of working could result in multiple huddle, meeting or boardrooms where people meet in smaller groups to work collaboratively over a distance in satellite sites. Could be left on all day for the groups of people to work together.


Really easy to set up a meeting immediately.

Invite the room just like a person to schedule in meetings.

You can choose to join from the room or not when scheduled.

Content Camera

(Extra component)

Whiteboard or other content can be shared with or without ‘Enhanced Content’. This is where the camera picks out the edges of the board, zooms in and then overlays all the writing.

Content Sharing – PC/Mac

Wired or using  the Wireless Presentation Pod (extra purchase).


Really easy to set up an immediate presentation.


  1. Mini PC called the MConsole
  2. In this case a Video bar which comprises a sound bar, camera and microphones.
  3. A touch screen called an MTouch
  4. A screen
  5. Extras we have:
    1. HD Content camera
    2. Wireless Presentation Pod
    3. A pair of wireless microphones
    4. TV stand on wheels to make the system self-contained and mobile

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