February 9, 2024

These are the IT Trends in 2024 that you should watch out for

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2023 was an exciting year for the IT industry. The rise of new technology, particularly artificial intelligence, has been the focus, and it seems that 2024 will continue this trend as well. But the power of AI won’t be the only topic of conversation this year. IT data ownership and cybersecurity will take centre stage as well.

So, what else can we expect from 2024? Here’s a look at the trends you should watch out for this year.

Generative AI will change creative industries

Regardless of how tech-savvy you consider yourself, there’s no doubt you heard about AI and ChatGPT last year. In 2024, generative AI will become even more powerful, especially when it comes to content creation. Whether you need personalised marketing materials, unique product images, or even help with fiction writing, AI will be able to assist you.

Moreover, industry experts believe, the media and entertainment industry will too take advantage of generative AI to create realistic visual effects, come up with new forms of storytelling, and provide more personal entertainment experiences.

Moving away from public clouds

Public clouds are quite expensive for what they offer, and recently, their prices have experienced an even bigger surge. At Ingenious, we’ve experienced it firsthand.

Although cloud technology has provided solutions for many challenges, especially for AEC companies, their offerings are often too highly-priced. As a result, many businesses are now looking to migrate back to private clouds, which often provide a better balance between features and costs.

If this is something you’ve been thinking about too, consider looking into our Cloud Data Platform.

Higher demand for Managed Services

In 2024, more businesses will choose to use managed IT services. That doesn’t come as a surprise since the practice offers several benefits, like lower labour costs, strengthened data protection, faster response time, minimised network downtime, and more.

Unlike previous years, in 2024, it’s expected that managed IT services will likely take advantage of the power of AI. With its capability to analyse large amounts of data and extract the most important actions that reduce the impact of an outage, AI will surely become a trusty companion for many IT companies. Already now, we see many teams developing their own native generative AI products to tend to their networks.

Cybersecurity will become a priority

Over the years, we’ve experienced an increased sophistication in cyber threats. Regardless of your business’s or organisation’s size, it is at risk of being attacked.

Just look at the statistics  – every 39 seconds, there is an attack somewhere on the web. That’s why IT experts believe that cybersecurity will become even more critical in 2024.

What can you do to help your business stay protected? Invest time and effort in training your team, monitor your applications and infrastructure for any vulnerabilities, and make sure all your networks and software are up to date. With cybersecurity, having diligence every single day will pay off in the long term.

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Four in five organisations plan to incorporate AI into their customer experience within the next 12 months?

Technology Magazine

Changes in how data is stored

Another term you’ll certainly hear more in 2024 is edge computing. Since more data is processed and stored every day, it’s become a challenge to process it in far-off data centres. As a solution, edge computing offers computation and data storage closer to the end user.

Why is this better? Advocates for edge computing note that it can reduce data traffic, lower costs, enable real-time analysis, and improve overall efficiency. Although the concept of edge computing is nothing new, it’s recently become more popular due to the rise of remote work and the growth of IoT and smart devices. In fact, the edge computing market is expected to reach $250.6 billion by the end of the year.

Strong emphasis on data quality

Speaking of data, 2024 will also be the year we’ll focus on its quality. Without high-quality data, it’s impossible to achieve desired results from an AI platform or even use digital platforms in general. That’s why, in 2024, it will be more important than ever to understand its management processes, especially in terms of clean inventory and customer information.

Does your data support model execution? Are your record-keeping systems well-documented? If you plan on using emerging digital technologies, having an efficient data transition and integration system will also be critical.

IT spend focused on business outcome

These past few years, we’ve seen an increase in remote work, which has had a significant impact on the IT sector. The trend will continue also in 2024. As a result, managed IT services will evolve to cater to this shift by ensuring secure and uninterrupted connections, offering tools for teamwork, and delivering extensive security solutions for various devices.

Moreover, experts believe that 2024 will bring many innovations in technologies that support a mixed remote and in-office workforce.


2024 is bound to be an adventure-filled year! Looking at upcoming IT trends, we can see that AI will still be all the rage, but there will be plenty of other innovations too. Businesses will be forced to look at the data quality and pay even more attention to cybersecurity, which, consequently, will lead to a higher demand for managed IT services.

If you’ve thought about outsourcing some of your IT operations, now is the best time to do it! Managed IT support can save you money, increase your business efficiency, and ensure you can focus on strategic goals without worrying about your computer crashing down once again.

Have we sparked your interest? Learn more about Ingenious and our offerings by reaching out to our team. And don’t forget to follow our Insights Blog for more tips and tricks on navigating the IT world.

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