August 22, 2023

What is Cloud Computing and how can it benefit our company?

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There’s no getting away from the growing importance of cloud computing. This technology offers organisations many benefits, from the ability to quickly process incredible volumes of data to its virtually limitless storage capabilities.

Cloud computing in London organisations is now prevalent across various industries and sectors. It is one of the reasons that many businesses were able to remain operational during the Covid pandemic and accompanying lockdown periods. This is because cloud computing enables effective, collaborative remote working with seamless access to essential workflows and documentation.

How it Works

Cloud computing may seem a complicated concept to grasp, but it is simply the online provision of essential IT components, such as servers, databases, software, storage and networking.

By harnessing the power of the vast number of computers used for cloud computing, those who use it can enjoy unprecedented data analysis capabilities and the use of AI and machine learning technologies. This can deliver tangible advantages for business operations, as cloud technology can accurately analyse trends, performance, and other metrics. This intelligent technology can also significantly improve efficiency and productivity by automating routine and administrative tasks, leaving skilled – and expensive – human staff to focus on more pressing work.

There are cloud computing software packages that are designed for the needs of different types of businesses and tailored to their typical workflows, for example, recruitment consultancy solutions, eCommerce platforms, and many more.

Best for London Companies

For those looking to introduce cloud computing in London, there is undoubtedly an impressive range of benefits to be had. Organisations can spare themselves the cost of paying for server storage space on-site (which is extremely expensive in the capital), enabling companies to scale with optimal agility, which can be crucial for success.

There are options when it comes to cloud computing delivery, too. Firms can opt for SaaS (Software as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) or PaaS (Platform as a Service), paying for the hosted technology on a flexible, subscription basis, which allows organisations to tailor their ideal IT package according to their needs. Cloud computing is also highly cost-effective, in addition to the financial benefits it affords through increased operational efficiency.

To streamline the transition, it makes sense to partner with an expert in cloud computing in London who will be able to manage every step of this important digital transformation. By using experts to oversee the process, organisations can be sure that vital configurations are made correctly, which is also key to ensuring security from cyber-attacks.

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