IT Support & Management Services

The best move you will ever make. Keeping your data secure, accessible and recoverable whilst saving you time, money and stress.

Explanation of IT Support & Management Services Included in the Three Plans

Unlimited Remote Support

We provide instant unlimited remote support i.e. we do not have one member of staff log a call, and another call back several hours later. The query is dealt with when we receive the call. This ensures we can get your requests dealt with in as fast a time as possible.

Ingenious Portal Access

Access to our portal to create or view existing support tickets and change statuses or priority.

Service Level Agreement/Objective (SLA/SLO)

Our standard SLA and our objective to do even better.

Endpoint Remote Monitoring & Management

Tools that allow us to gain insights into your equipment and allow us to remote control machines for fast fixes to problems.

Endpoint Monitoring and Alerting (24/7/365)

Monitoring PCs, Macs, Linux machines and servers and network activity around the clock.

Automated Maintenance Scripting

We have numerous scripts that deploy automatically or can be created to carry out maintenance tasks. These run in the background with no impact.

Proactive Support

Spotting patterns in repeating issues or behaviour and dealing with the cause rather than the symptoms. Can be combined with the above scripting.

Daily Server Backup Checks

We carry out daily checks that backup have run successfully on all servers.

Regular Business and IT Reviews

What are your business goals and challenges?What are your IT goals?

We help you achieve this goals and overcome your challenges with regular dialogue and an American term – vCIO – a virtual Chief Information Officer at your service.

Strategy, Planning and Road-Mapping

What is your business strategy? What are you planning for the year coming and for 3-5 years’ time? How about longer term? How can we help you with this?
Regular meetings to discuss this and more. Reviews, strategy, planning, recommendations, budgets, deliverables and progress reports, with a clear road map for the next three years or more.

Enhanced Portal, Support Tool & Self-help

Additional software that runs on workstations and mobiles. This allows for more sophisticated ticket logging, self-help, form filling. Anything that can speed up our service to help you better.

Enhanced SLA/SLO

Faster response times and objective to do even better still.

Out of Hours Server Maintenance and Fixes

Any work needed on servers will undoubtedly have a business impact. We will do these out of your normal business hours.

Network Operations Centre (NOC)

Our front line helpdesk services are supported by a backend network operations centre. The NOC acts as an extension of our team and provides problem resolution on your behalf 24x7x365

Installs, Moves, Changes

Support usually covers existing things already in place. It can be frustrating to receive extra charges for small installations or changes. This covers you for any non-project work of a few hours here and there.  

Out of Hours Service Desk Support

For any support needs outside of our standard working hours (09:30 – 17:30, Monday – Friday), we can provide 24x7x365 support to all of your users. This is especially suitable for organisations open slightly longer hours, are open 24/7 or who have members working abroad.

Onsite Support

Onsite support visits are included.

Out of Hours Endpoint Maintenance and Fixes

To avoid disrupting your working day, we can schedule maintenance work and fixes to be carried out after your business hours.