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The best move you will ever make. Keeping your data secure, accessible and recoverable whilst saving you time, money and stress.

The Best IT Support For You

Looking for an IT Services Provider in London with a proven track record of delivering IT Support & Management to businesses? With an average customer retention of over 10 years and a >98% satisfaction score we are the right choice for you and your business.

After a new IT Support company, switching to a new IT provider, or looking to co-manage with in-house support? We will save you Time, Money and Stress.

Need Some Strategic Thinking?

Many technology providers successfully manage IT Support but fail to plan and strategise for your business goals and challenges. We are your very own dedicated technology advisor and business partner.

Why Choose Ingenious IT Support & Management Services


Guaranteed Response Time

If your request is critical, urgent, important, or scheduled, we ensure our guaranteed response rate deliver the IT Support you need.


98.1% Customer Satisfaction

We have maintained a satisfaction score of above 98% for our Managed IT Support since our formation in 1998.


Just 5 Minutes…

Our affordable monthly IT Support fee is covered if we save an employee just 5 minutes per day. We will do far more than just that!

Specialist IT Support & Management

The majority of our customers are Architects, Accountants, and Property Management businesses. As such, we have years of experience with a tried and tested process of delivering industry-leading IT Support. If you are a small and medium enterprise, we have a trusted solution for you.​


Stay ahead of the competition with fast, reliable, and secure IT systems your entire team can access remotely. Compliance and Reputation, robust CAD file management infrastructure; we have solutions for you and years of experience with architects.


Your customers depend on you for compliance and structured efficiency. We understand you need more client-facing time and less IT stress. We work relentlessly on security and productivity to eradicate downtime and adapt for post-covid remote working.

Property Management

Time to market is crucial for you – we understand this. Your IT management systems work hand in hand with operational productivity. Together, our focus is to create proactive workspaces for your team and your clients’ needs.

Other SMEs

We have spent the past 15 years listening and supporting SMEs. IT stability and flexibility is a must for any business that values productivity. We have a range of affordable IT solutions that hand back your quality time.

Our IT Support Services

We provide a range of IT Support Services tailored for businesses of 10-200 employees.

Business and IT Reviews

  1. Quarterly strategy and planning meetings to develop a 3-to-5-year roadmap
  2. A process 100% driven by your business goals and challenges
  3. You give us insights into your business initiatives and strategic plans so we can align and help
  4. We listen to you and give you the tech you need in a timely way

Managed Security

  1. Belt-and-braces, multi-layered, backed up with a long list of security standards 
  2. Proactive maintenance and security updates in the background
  3. Cyber Essentials standards (+ easy certification if needed)
  4. Puts you streets ahead of the competition

Expert Advice and Support

  1. Fast and dependable advice and IT Support (no answer machines)
  2. Unlimited access to our service desk
  3. Hassle-free supplier management on your behalf
  4. Unlimited access to our IT Support Panel ticketing app on all devices
  5. A seamless onboarding process
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We continue to use Ingenious on all our projects because they understand our business better than other providers. Flexibility is key to our operation and we are able to rely on Ingenious to suggest the right solution for what are not often straightforward IT needs. We also operate under tight budgets and Ingenious are always open to ways to reduce cost including doing some of the install ourselves, which as a creative non-profit we see as a massive benefit.

Andrew Crib, CEO & Co-Founder
Leathermarket JMB
We had a critical incident which resulted in our IT systems crashing on Wednesday morning, impacting all users. This severely impacted on our ability to deliver services to residents. Thanks to Ingenious’ quick action, within four hours we were back up and running at full capacity. As a small organisation without an IT department, this is exactly the service we need in an emergency. Well done to all involved and thank you for the excellent service.

Berni McEwan, Finance Manager

Service Excellence – Our 5 Promises

We continue to refine our customer service offering to ensure we maintain flexibility to your needs and requirements. As such, we deliver a minimum 5 step service quality promise.

  1. Business Experience: No two businesses are the same
  2. Flexibility & Scalability: We adapt to where you need us
  3. Straight Talking: We’re good listeners and honest in our replies
  4. Availability: We have multiple contact points always monitored
  5. Innovation: We have the systems and tools to keep you safe

Whether you are partnering with an MSP for the first time, or are looking to switch providers, we are here to make IT Simple.

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IT Support FAQs

Absolutely! These days are long gone and we are so on it. We can do ‘IT Support’ standing on our heads and have been doing this for over 20 years.

You need a company to take away the complexity, hassle and pain of looking after all your technology needs. We are that company!

When choosing an IT Managed Service Provider (MSP), you must ask what is most important to you and how well that company fits the bill. 

Being organised and proactive, ensuring issues are fixed correctly, and applying strategic planning has an invaluable and lasting impact on your business.

An MSP must be able to clearly demonstrate credibility, experience, understanding, and give you peace of mind.

95% of our work is undertaken remotely by our fantastic support team via the helpdesk, open from 9am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday. This is the fastest and most effective way of looking after your needs.

We also encourage regular site visits; they give us a chance to speak in person and visually review your IT infrastructure. Productivity affecting IT issues can go unmentioned until the IT person ‘walks past’.

IT security has become a game of cat and mouse with cyber criminals in recent years. We ensure we all stay one step ahead.

Our ‘Security Stack’ is extremely comprehensive. Elements of it monitor and report any suspicious activities that could compromise your systems, running 24/7.

We are the lock, bolt, chain, and CCTV all in one secure place.

Given the complexities involved in modern IT for businesses, we see ourselves as essential partners for companies of up to about 200 people.

This doesn’t mean  you shouldn’t have your own IT expert as an employee. Many of our existing clients collaborate the daily IT requirements between us and an in-house technician.

Very easy. We manage all the change-over processes behind the scenes.

All we require is for you to complete our onboarding question sheet. The more we know about your systems, the better we can serve you.

We invest a significant amount of time documenting your setup and getting our Security Stack and other tools in place. This means we have everything organised and to hand when you need us to react quickly.

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