We can source and program your phone systems, and integrate them with your IT systems.

Fixed Line Systems

ISDN or analogue lines and traditional PBX systems.

Voice over IP (VoIP) Systems

SIP services, and SIP gateways. Hosted or on premises.

We can set you up with your own in-house telephone system, or get you a telephone line and software, right now, so you can start making calls within minutes using a ‘soft phone’ on your PC.

Best of Both Worlds

VoIP handsets and gateways with SIP and/or traditional fixed lines. Take advantage of the ability to mix VoIP phone system and traditional fixed ISDN or analogue lines.

Head office/branch office and remote working become a breeze with the benefits of IP telephony, but with robust fixed lines or a mixture of fixed and SIP services (the latter has far less line rental, and usually cheaper call charges).


Costs can be as little as approximately £700 for a fully functioning phone system, or a hosted system just £2.99 per person a month, or £9 for 5 users. Call charges are 1p per min peak/off-peak local/national and mobiles 8p.

Larger environments will need a proper analysis of needs, as there are a lot of factors involved.

We have a large range of systems and options – enough to satisfy any requirement.


See 3CX Phone System for example.