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Shifting Away From Fixed Line Systems

Over the past twenty years, ISDN or analogue lines and traditional PBX systems have been very popular and considered the best type of telecoms service. However, times are changing. ISDN lines are being phased out in 2025, but you should probably consider making the switch to VoIP systems sooner rather than later. Here’s why:

ISDN lines are becoming less realistic and they don’t offer the level of flexibility that your business needs, especially in regard to costs. ISDN lines are often offered at fixed price contracts meaning you can easily end up paying for unneeded phone lines.

Location, Location, Location

Voice over IP, or VoIP, systems translate your voice into digital signal giving you the ability to make a phone call from any data-driven device. VoIP systems are in high demand because they give businesses the ability to expand while decreasing costs and increasing productivity.

VoIP offers a low cost per call. Due to the high demand for limited telephone lines, regular calls using these lines can get very expensive. However, with VoIP, you aren’t relying on these phone lines. Therefore, your overall costs for making phone calls either domestic or international a lot less.

VoIP will also provide your business with excellent service mobility. You’ll be able to take calls wherever you are working and you can be sure you’re only paying for what you need to. VoIP gives your company the freedom to operate from wherever needed and on whatever devices are preferable.

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