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TMRW Case Study

The Client

TMRW is based in Croydon and serves as home base for freelancers, start-ups, established companies and multinationals building tech-enabled innovations and has all of the things you’d find in a traditional co-working space. It also hosts community events and has an award-winning café.

The Issue/Problem

An existing Wifi network was not delivering the speed and reliability their members needed. TMRW needed a company to overhaul the system and replace it with something more functional and sophisticated.

The system had to be able to cope with several hundred people. The downstairs area can host large corporate or community events. The upstairs area provides open-working and dedicated offices for several hundred people. All in it is estimated the building could host ~700 people at any one time.

The system had to split the guest and business users. Not only that, every business user has to be segmented from others on the network. With each controlling their own data, it’s critical there isn’t a data security issue.

A fair usage policy within the office space means TMRW needs to be able to monitor individual system usage. Having no limits on download speeds means it is open for abuse – something that needs to be managed. If not, it could impact others’ ability to work.

What did we do?

We filled the two levels with high-capacity WiFi access points, with sophisticated WiFi controller capability, able to cater for high user numbers and the bandwidth requirements.

We also installed an authentication system for user access control and our usual monitoring and management tools to ensure the network runs smoothly. We are able to see how the network behaves in real time, remote support the system immediately and perform regular remote preventative maintenance.


After a few installation teething problems and adjustments needed to meet the client’s expectations, TMRW now has as close to a 100% reliable system as is possible.

Their clients are now able to enjoy the full capability of the network and bandwidth available in the space they are providing.

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Case Studies

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