November 29, 2022

Ingenious Webinar: The BIG data elephant in the room

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(Updated 06/01/23 with a recording of the webinar)


December brings the first ever Webinar from Ingenious. The BIG Data Elephant in the Room: A storage solutions review for Architects, Engineers, Designers, Media Companies, and any company with complex data and/or security and compliance requirements.

This year, there has been lots of talk surrounding cloud solutions and data access structures, yet the common question remains; which setup would be best for my business?

Next month’s Webinar: The Big Data Elephant in the Room, will address the pros and cons of seven widely used applications from data management providers. More importantly, there will be an open Q&A session where you can drill down into your business requirements and preferences.

A recording of the Webinar and available resources will be made available from Friday, 9th December.

Architects & Design Companies

Any company with large data storage requirements suffer the same issue. How do you embrace the cloud and all the benefits safely, securely, and accessible from various sources?

If any of the following affect your business, the webinar is a must as we analyse the pros and cons with viable alternatives.

  • Alternatives to horribly expensive BIM / Autodesk licensing add-ons
  • AEC Project Management options
  • Looking at Newforma and considering a replacement
  • The email nightmare; how to manage project information

Solutions such as Autodesk Collaborate Pro can be a real financial burden. At the same time, Project information and lifecycle management is a real bone of contention in your industry. The crucial takeaway is knowing what options you have to drive decision-making.

Our analysis will help address your questions and provide alternative solutions to stay within the budget.

Property & Real Estate Companies

It is true to say the cloud has benefited property and real estate industries more than most. A recent survey stated that 80% of the top real estate companies in the UK deliver their services using cloud technologies.

For those using the cloud, you will already be experiencing better workflows, improved business continuity, and access speed advantages. The question remains over the providers you choose to handle your data storage.

  • Collaborative working and file sharing options and alternatives
  • Get a handle on your cloud data scattered to the winds
  • Source better ways to share information internally and externally

The BIG Data Elephant in the Room will analyse information management systems with the pros, cons, security concerns and costs of each.

Financial Services & Investment Management Companies

The hybrid working model demonstrated the flexibility the cloud brings, particularly with remote workers, suppliers, and the flexibility it brings. However, it introduces file sync issues and data security and governance challenges.

The mandatory security regulations in the financial sector have slowed change compared to other industries. The consideration and strategy for maintaining accountability can be a stress and burden, but it doesn’t need to be when you know your options.

The BIG Data Elephant in the Room is a webinar to address the issues of large data storage and access within compliance and legislation.

  • Secure ISO/IEC 27001 collaborative working and data sharing
  • Secure GDPR cloud framework for personal data
  • Better ways to share sensitive information

With primary security regulations in mind, we analyse the pros and cons of seven viable options that meet industry standards and won’t overstretch your budget.

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