October 31, 2023

Top 5 Cloud Security trends in 2023

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There are undoubtedly substantial benefits to choosing cloud computing, from allowing your organisation to harness incredible processing and storage capabilities, to offering unparalleled flexibility and scalability. Yet in order to get the best from cloud computing, it’s essential to maintain strong security protocols. Read on to learn about five of the key cloud security trends in 2023.

Trend one: Opt for zero trust

Already one of the best known cloud security trends, the Zero Trust model sees organisations doubling down on access permissions in order to prevent sensitive data and files from falling into the wrong hands. By asking all users to verify their identity and using multi factor authentication, this approach is a simple but very effective one. It also helps to ensure that an organisation will meet essential data compliance regulations.

Trend two: Consider hybrid or multi-cloud solutions

This approach enables organisations to tailor their cloud solutions to their needs, giving better control over how data is stored and used, therefore improving security. This also delivers scope for a more powerful deployment of cloud security tools, with the best solutions targeted for each environment.

Trend three: Choose Cloud native tools

It stands to reason that choosing security tools designed for the cloud will be more effective in protecting this environment, making this one of the most significant cloud security trends. After all, cyber security solutions which were originally designed for traditional computing networks and platforms may expose dangerous security loopholes, putting organisations at risk.

Trend four: Implement a Cybersecurity mesh

This approach involves the creation of a distributed network and infrastructure in order to better protect the devices used across an organisation. A cybersecurity mesh effectively ring fences everyone working for a business, whilst enabling robust data access management.

Trend five: Adopt a SASE network

By incorporating a WAN (Wide Access Network) with powerful technologies devoted to combatting malware and other threats, a SASE network provides a superb defence against myriad cloud computing threats. Short for Secure Access Service Edge, a SASE network is a good choice when connecting different systems online. This makes it a good option for companies where many employees may be working remotely and using a variety of devices.

Management is essential

Of course, to get the best results from any cloud security trends, it’s important to stay up to date with all recommended patches and updates. Delays in installing or updating these can leave your organisation exposed to threats from cyber criminals who may already be aware of any vulnerabilities.

Adding a software management tool designed for cloud computing environments can help to ensure that your business doesn’t overlook vital updates and patches, and some tools even carry them out automatically.

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