About Us

A Few Words About Us

Ingenious are an IT Support and Technology Solutions Provider serving London and the South East.

Ingenious was started with the simple ethos of talking to SME business owners and staff, finding out their requirements and then offering corporate IT support and services scaled down to suit smaller businesses’ needs and budgets.

Listening to the requirements of our clients, simplifying them and then doing our very best to deliver an excellent client experience has served us well over the last 17 years. Companies of all types and sizes have benefitted from our simple yet effective approach.

Delivering a cost effective and reliable service is just the beginning. Our ultimate aim at Ingenious is to be far more than a simple IT support and services provider. We aim to become your technology adviser and business partner. We want to work collaboratively to help optimise the IT infrastructure supporting your business and explore ways IT can help to deliver your wider business objectives.

Ingenious has offices at East Croydon and in Brighton.

Why Us?

Ingenious is quite different to other IT Service Providers…

Track record and experience

We have a proven track record of working successfully with a hugely diverse range of different businesses stretching back over 17 years. It’s all based on a simple and proven approach to doing business.

Team work

We team up with your company and act as an extension to your business.

We form long-lasting business relationships with our clients.


We understand you may not really care about technology. That may sound like sacrilege from an IT consultancy, but we realise that technology is a means to an end and not an end in itself.

We won’t therefore blind you with jargon or bore you with unnecessary technical details. All communication will be in plain English, delivering solutions that enable your business to be more efficient, reliable and profitable.

The bottom line

Our collaborative process guarantees that we work alongside you to quickly get to the heart of your issues and recommend the right solution within your budget.

Why not drop us a line on 020 3745 6630? Take advantage of our offer of 2 hours of free on-site expertise http://www.ingenious.co.uk/free